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We are one of a half dozen firms in the country doing these projects all over the United States. We are members of the International Association of Fairs & Expositions
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WDC Group specializes in new construction, rehabilitation, renovation and analysis of proposed construction sites and projects.

Facility Planning & Design
Cost Estimating
Feasibility Studies
Site Analysis & Acquisition
Construction Management
Facility Management

Client-oriented services by Construction Industry Professionals

WDC Group has in-depth experience on projects of varied scale and magnitude, from exhibition, livestock, institutional, educational and commercial to religious, recreational, multi-family residential and historic rehabilitations.

Our company credo is best stated by a prominent British architect, Mr. F.R.S. Yorke:

“Architecture in any age is conditioned by the contemporary systems of economy, methods of production, and the requirements of society; but it has its roots in the past.This is not to say that any great architecture is a reproduction of the work of an earlier period, but that the sense of scale and proportion and the handling of the texture and color of building materials are not invented afresh by every generation. They come partly from the inspirations we get from new demands and the new methods we have for meeting them and partly from the rich legacy of building tradition…”